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How do you find Google Analytics Statistics for a Specific Page?  We’re in the middle of a case study and unfortunately every Google Search I did produced OUTDATED information.  The new Google Analytics Interface is great when you know what you’re doing.  What used to be ‘Page Content’ is now under the Behavior Tab.   Here is the updated Step-by-step method to get specific page analytics for Google Analytics

1)  Log into your Google Analytics account

2)  Find the website that you’re reviewing by opening up folders until you get into the OVERVIEW window

3)  On the sidebar look for Behavior>Site Content>All Pages




4)   Scroll thru the list of your pages and click on the heading. It will display specific page.


Why is this important?  Because when you study your Google Analytics for your top pages, you can improve those posts.

Most of my clients receive 80% of their traffic from less than 2% of their overall pages, but they don’t know which pages those are.

I know. I was one of them….years ago.

Here is a chart that led to the creation of SearchTriggers

It really was 1 blog post that ‘tipped’ my entire blog

I went from 10 visitors a Day to 1000 visitors a day over the course of 90 days by:

  • Blogging Daily
  • Curating Great Content for my Blogs
  • Linking Blog Posts to Other Blog Posts
  • Sharing my content with others

Here’s a screenshot – its actually now the background image on our SearchTriggers software.



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